Custom Laser Engraved Dog Tags Shop Tags The American Humane Association estimates
that 1 out of 3 pets become lost at some
point in their lifetime and close to 10 million
dogs and cats go missing in the US every single
year. According to the Coalition for Reuniting
Pets and Families, less than 23% of lost pets
are reunited with their owners.
Don't let your pet be one of them
Laser Engraved Dog Tags Add Extra Protection Activate Tag To Your Pet Link owner contact information
to your pet.
Laser Engraved Pet ID Tags Every Pet deserves View More To Be Home Help Pet reach their home safely..
Report a Missing Pet

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Get a Pet tag from PetTagPortal

Activate your new QR code smart pet tag and add your contact details and critical information about your pet. Now anyone with a smart phone can view all your contact information to get your pet home quickly.

Report Lost pet on Pet Profile

In case of a lost animal, mark your pet lost in your pet’s profile Ensure contact details are up-to-date so that any finder can contact you when found. Our national lost pet date base can alert others of your lost pet.

Finder scans the tag or reports online

Finder uses a smart phone to scan/tap the tag or visit your pet’s profile online at to view your contact details and pet’s critical information.

GPS Location Recorded and Notified

Once someone scans the tag, coordinates of the finder are updated to your pet profile and an email notification is sent to you along with the scan date/time.

Reunite with your pet

Most pets are home within hours. No micro chip scans by vets or shelter personnel. Any one with a smart phone can access your pet’s contact information.
Order Your Cloud Connected PetTag now!Simple and SecurePurchase our high tech pet tag which is highly effective
in finding your lost pet sooner than traditional tags.
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Online Pet Profile

Our smart Pet Tag creates a public profile for your pet with all vital information which finders can use when your pet goes missing. You can upload details such as multiple contact information, pet medical conditions and more, all securely stored in the cloud

Full Privacy Control

You have total flexibility and complete control of the data you are comfortable sharing with you and your pet. The pet profile displays only the information you want the finder of your pet to see.

GPS Notification

A GPS position is recorded with date and time and sent to the owner with a map location when the tag is scanned via email immediately.


You can upload detailed information about the health, behavior, registration and vet records of your pet. This information will be visible on the profile according to the privacy setting done and is accessible by the finder of the pet.


Losing a pet is tough, finding them is just a button click away. Pet Tag Portal is easy to use with our management dashboard. You can report your pet missing , add additional contact details, put up a reward and wait to be re-united with your pet.

Mobile Friendly

Manage or view your pet profile from the comfort of your mobile phone.


Account Questions

What is a PetTag from Pet Tag Portal
Our PetTag is an anodized aluminum, laser engraved pet tag that contains a unique QR code. When scanned with any smartphone, the QR code will link the pet to an pet profile.
I have a PetTag.. what do I do next?
Once you have received your PetTag, you can activate the tag by creating an account or logging to an existing account if you have previously registered. Once tag is activated, you can complete your pet profile and enter critical contact information along with privacy settings
How does the pet ID system work?
With the pettag, pet's family will create a pet profile having all owner information including address and contact details, behavior assessment and registration details. This information is stored in the PetTag that is attached to the pet's collar and can easily be scanned with any smartphone to display pet profile to any person who finds a lost pet.
What should I do if I have found a pet with a PetTag
You can scan the pet tag with any smartphone to reveal all owner information which owner has chosen to display. In case you do not have a smartphone, you can use "Found Lost Pet?" page on our website and enter the code displayed on the PetTag. Enter the PetTag ID (displayed at the top of tag) and you'll be brought to the pet profile where you can find all owner information.
Do I need an app to test my PetTag
The PetTag QR code works with any barcode reader application that is available on your smartphone app store.

General Questions

Can I activate multiple tags under same registration?
In your current dashboard after you login, there is an option to 'Activate New Tag'. This will take you through the tag activation process you went through the first time. Once complete, you will now see 2 pets and their summary detailed your dashboard
Are there any subscription or hidden charges
You only pay for the tag one time. There are no additional subscription or hidden charges. Updating the pet or owner profile is completely free. There are no renewal fees as well.
Is my information secure with privacy settings
PetTagPortal has a secured cloud platform. All sensitive data stored is also encrypted. We ensure our client's privacy. The owner can control the information they are comfortable to make public via the Pet Tag Portal Webpage only. The owner can change these privacy settings anytime.
What QR scanner app can I use
Here are few QR Code App Readers Apple Phone
  • Quick Scan - QR Code Reader
  • Neo Reader
Android Google Phone (go to google play store app)
  • QR Droid
  • Neo Reader
  • Scan - QR and Barcode Reader
Windows Phone (go to Store app)
  • Built in. Go to Camera, Lens, Bing Vision
  • QR for Cortana (newer 8.1 and windows10 phones )
  • QR Code Reader
Are the tags country specific?
Tags can be scanned and used anywhere around the world. However the pet information is available only in English currently.